A small, delicate flower emerges from dark jagged branches to create a beautiful blanket of pink petals.

These are the tiny flowers of the cherry tree, which are commonly found in Asian regions like China, Korea and Japan.

These trees represent spring time in these regions, and are also symbols good fortune, love and affection.
image credit: Washingtonian

image credit: Martha Stewart

These flowers are used in creating an Asian or Oriental theme in homes and the cherry blossom wedding decorations can also create a gorgeous look to your event.

The cherry tree and the flowers are used quite often in works of art because of their meaning and what the represent in the Oriental culture.

In a movie or play they will be part of the scenery reflecting an image felt to epitomize the Asian landscape.

To enhance your Oriental wedding theme you can incorporate many classic items into your décor and certainly the splendor of the cherry blossom wedding decorations can be a big part of this. To remind your guests of this wonderful experience the favors can include this pretty soft pink blossom.

image credit: Elizabeth Ann Design
image credit: Fabyoubliss

Glass coasters with the graceful branches of the cherry tree frosted into the pattern. A square candle with the majestic deep dark branches and pink blossoms embedded into the face, and tied off with a rich brown bow and thank you tag. Both ideas are just wonderful gifts as well, sitting at each place setting they will work to complete your theme and add to the oriental flare you have worked to create.

As with all the flowers of the spring season the cherry blossoms are not around for long. In this instance they can symbolize the fleeting nature of life.

Your wedding day may be over in a few short hours but the love and affection will be there a lifetime. Perhaps we can use this as a symbol to remind us that each day is a gift and to enjoy it!

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3637435

Summer is a time of fun. A sunny day simply has an uplifting effect on even the most pessimistic of people. Smiling and laughter seem intuitive, and most people simply enjoy the outdoors. It is probably predictable that most wedding occur in summer, after all it is that time of year when most people are physically warm and comfortable. Sure there are exceptions, but generally clear, warm weather tends to translate into clear, warm temperament.

It is not surprisingly that summer brides are spoilt for choice when it comes to summer wedding flowers, not to mention the proliferation of outdoor wedding venues in summer, which also gives the bride additional options. In addition it also enables her to align her wedding flowers to the venue, using tropical flowers in exotic venues, wild flowers in garden venues and even beach flowers at beach venues.

In terms of summer wedding flowers the most popular flowers would definitely include (although not be limited) to the following:

1. Sunflowers

image: weddingforward.com/sunflower-wedding-decor-ideas/3/

image: weddingforward.com/sunflower-wedding-decor-ideas/3/

A firm favorite at many a summer wedding. This is a physically large flower that makes an immediate statement. The name sunflower says it all. Unquestionably the best flower ambassador for the bright summer sun, these fiery blooms with a dark or black center are particularly popular in yellow, and interestingly are also available in red, brown, orange, bronze and mahogany. This summer wedding flower acts as a distinct focal point in all arrangements. Generally a summer bride will construct her arrangement around a select few sunflowers.

2. Gazanias

image: plantecadou.ro/pro/marturii-flori-in-ghiveci-colectie-de-vara/marturii-gazania-in-sac-de-iuta

Usually referred to as the Treasure Flower, this is a potentially contentious choice as a summer wedding flower. When using these flowers a bride should plan around a daytime wedding and cut the flowers as late as possible, especially given their tendency to close at night and in overcast weather. Generally these flowers are available in a vast array of dynamic colors, including multi-hued colors which amplifies the effect of the gazanias.

3. Gerbera Daisies

image credit: http://www.confettidaydreams.com/breathtaking-wedding-bouquets/

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then these flowers are a very popular choice most brides would have difficulty in ignoring these wedding flowers. Characterized by a remarkably intensity of color, looking at these flowers almost makes your teeth hurt! With good reason these flowers are a very popular choice in summer weddings, and consistently rank as one of the fifth most used cut flower in the world (preceded by roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips). Also commonly referred to as the African Daisy.

4. Dahlia

image credit: http://www.brides.com/story/cafe-au-lait-dahlias-wedding-flowers-centerpieces-bouquets?mbid=social_pinterest

If an unconventional and somewhat unstructured floral appeals to you then dahlias would be a serious consideration on your big day. Definitely a somewhat right-brained flower, dahlias work exceptionally well in summer weddings. Big, shaggy and multi-petaled describes this flower well, with a sea anemone resembling its closet relative in a parallel universe. Definitely diverse in appearance, most species have a distinct quant and frothy look to them, in one form or another. Definitely an interesting taking point with your guests.

5. Black Eyed Susan

image credit: http://sweetvioletbride.com/wedding-flower-inspiration-black-eyed-susan/

Just the term black-eyed susan conjures up some interesting images with brides. Of course in reference to a wedding flower, as opposed to a femme fatale. Generally considered to be a wild flower found in open woods and road sides, they make excellent summer wedding flowers and are particularly popular with the more vintage and rustic-type weddings.

Similar to daffodils they are particularly well-known for their striking yellow colors and dark centers, and are great friends with bees and butterflies. These daisy-like flowers are also available in orange, brown, red and sometimes in a multi-hued appearance.

6. Poppy

Awesome images & video credit: Ditte Isager via Martha Stewart

Poppies sometimes just simply get bad rap, in particular with their associations with the narcotics trade. The truth is these flowers make for delightful wedding flowers and remain ever popular with summer weddings.

These somewhat tubular-looking blooms grow on a long and thin flexible stem and are available in a variety of colors. Red and white poppies in particular make for a stunning combination in a wedding bouquet.

7. Cosmos

image credit: Cristina's Garden
Closely related to daisies, these are a popular summer wedding flower that are generally available in pink, multi-hued pinks, white, orange, and red. This is a small, orderly flower with evenly placed petals that works either exclusively or as an excellent accent flower in a wedding floral arrangement and has a vase life of up to 10 days if carefully managed.

A popular concept with brides is to sometimes use these flowers exclusively, but to design a bouquet using different color cosmos arranged in a reasonably symmetrical fashion.

8. Tuberose

image credit: Project Wedding

If you love angelic white as a color, you will love the tuberose as a summer selection. Characterized by a powerful, sweet scent that even has a commercial association with certain perfumes, these tubular-shaped flowers are in no way related to roses despite the similar name, although both feature strongly as sought-after wedding flowers. These flowers are also frequently used in tropical destinations to construct leis.

9. Peony

image credit: Bridal Musings
Commonly available in white, cream, pinks, lavender, mahogany and red, these large flowers have a distinct disheveled, fluffy look, although disheveled in a kind of teddy bear fashion. Similar in appearance to hydrangeas, these flowers are available in a far diversity of shapes and work well in most floral arrangements, but particularly in bouquets, especially when used as an exclusive flower in an exclusive color.

10. Chrysanthemum

image credit: polkadot bride

These flowers are undoubtedly one of the most popular summer wedding flower selections for brides. Also characterized by various diverse appearances, including the popular pompon form, these blooms are available in pink, yellow, red, white, copper and purple and make for excellent additions to all floral arrangements, but in particular bouquets and centerpieces.

Summer wedding flowers very often have a strong resonance to a marriage that has a sunny disposition, and why not? Summer after all is a time for celebration and to have that theme reinforced with beautiful summer wedding flowers just seems to make good sense.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/7596634
A bridal shower is an excellent way for the bride to surround herself with her closest friends and family and relax, loosen up and have some fun.

The bride can also use this time to share the experiences of those that have already married, and in a general way, espouse her expectations and dreams for the new adventure she is about to enter.

The bridal shower should be memorable for the bride-to-be and her guests and can be based on a particular theme, just like the wedding. Games, themes, decorations, and gifts are all important to include in the bridal shower.

Many couples choose to have "couple showers," where both bride and groom are able to share the time together. Other brides choose to have their bridal showers in a creative 'themed' location - a beautiful ocean-side resort comes to mind, for example.

Using your unique ideas will help you create a distinctive setting for your event. While the goal is to have fun and enjoy the event, there are some simple plans you can follow to make your bridal shower a most memorable occasion for everyone involved.



Send out Invitations early and follow up:

Send your bridal shower invitations early and include the latest date in which to respond. Knowing the exact number of patrons is pretty much a "must know" in order to complete all of the plans.

Include any special directions or details with the invitation. Prioritize your guest-list so that the most important friends and some family are involved.

Plan on following up on invitations at least one week before the ending RSVP date.

image: thelibrary.com

Themed Bridal Showers

Many brides choose to have themed showers, which involve the guests bringing special items, gifts or favors. Here you can get creative and come up with original and unique ideas in order to have a unique event - think "outside of the box."

Valentine themed bridal showers involve candles, gifts and favors relating to romance and love. Heart shaped cuisine, desserts and gifts, as well as pink, maroon and burgundy dresses and robes help reinforce a valentine theme.

Basket or box themes are also very popular. Guests are each asked to bring a 'themed basket' - from Easter candies and gifts to soaps and bath items.

The bridesmaids or maids of honor usually coordinate showers and ensure that the plans are well though out and well in advance of the occasion. Be sure to include all the details on the invitations.

image: mytrueblu.com


Make sure to coordinate and match the theme with the decorations. If the theme is a Valentines shower, include pink and red hearts and streamers with red ribbon or something similar.

If the bridal shower is set in a theme-specific location, decorate the setting accordingly. Ocean themes, western themes and the like, require a significant amount of planning in advance of the shower to make the event a success!

image: blog.hwtm.com

image: womangettingmarried.com

Menu items

Most times, finger foods and light salads are the best way to go with bridal showers. Light foods are easy to serve, and are generally quite easy to prepare.

Consider crab stuffed mushroom, escargot, mandarin orange salads with vinaigrette dressing, or any number of assorted hors d'oeuvres.

A follow up dessert such as chocolate éclair or shortcake is very appropriate. Again, if it is a themed shower, consider foods and desserts which fit the theme.


Consider hiring a photographer for the shower. Lasting memories are created from having professional photos taken during a special bridal shower.

Favors, Gifts and closure

It is very appropriate, and indeed, a special touch to give every guest a small favor in order for them to remember the event. Favor ideas should be coordinated with the theme - ocean showers can involve shell shaped bath and soap favors, while a Valentine theme can include a heart shaped box favor or heart candle place card holder.

Both of these are elegant ways to show your guests how much you appreciate their presence. The ideas are limited only by your imagination.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/18047
image: burnettsboards.com

image: planyourperfectwedding.com

Decorating a car for a wedding is actually a pretty easy task, and usually it is done by experts. Being an easy task, it might as well be done by you. You could decorate your car using fresh flowers you bought (not recommended, since fresh flowers exert fluids), you could use balloons (if you are careful to tie them well and keep them from blowing up) or use noisy cans tied in the back of the car.

Wedding car decorations are often done by flower decorators or wedding designers that tend to include this task among their other services. Their natural tendency is to use fresh flowers or colored ribbons.

However- the best decorators are the ones who specialize in this field and that decorating is their core business. Those specialists know their art and they tend to create a coherent aesthetic line between the cars shape, brand and color and between the decorations they make.

Do not forget to tie the decorations well to the anchoring points in the car, otherwise the decorations will be "gone with the wind", and it is essential to ride in a moderated speed so that the decoration might last the whole evening.

If you would prefer a more professional and impressive creation, you could use a car decoration service that operates in the customers house. It might be more expensive, but the added value and the impressive outcome are worth every dime. It's not so hard as it looks. You should try. It's great fun

image: valeandvine.com

image: pinterest.com/pin/422845852493029897

Whimsical art is fun. It tickles your imagination and fancy. Now what could be a more fantastic idea than to apply whimsical art into your bridal shower invitations?

Planning for your bridal shower needs meticulous effort. After completing your guest list, you then have to think about your bridal shower invitations.

It will set off the sparks, so to speak. It will get you as the bride and your guests excited. You can consider a number of themes for your bridal shower and invitations, but it is a fun and smart idea to send whimsical bridal shower invitations.

Get a load of these amazing tips and ideas.

image credit: ruffledblog.com

image: m.huffpost.com

image: blog.hwtm.com

The Garden Party Whimsical Art Invitations

A garden setting for your bridal shower is a refreshing idea, especially if you love flowers. Do you know someone who has a lovely garden already?

You can set-up your party there. Otherwise you can ask around at a local botanical garden. What a charming bridal shower that would be! Move a bit on the contemporary side, though.

Instead of serving conventional tea and cucumber sandwiches, plan for a mid- afternoon party where you lavish your guests with angel food cake, chocolate, strawberries and champagne cocktails. Have a good time indulging your gastronomical senses after taking a stroll at the garden. What about your bridal shower invitations for your garden party?

The graphics of your invitation could feature girls who are toasting champagne glasses, or your favorite garden flower. If your bridal shower falls during colder months, you can hold your party inside your or someone else's house.

Make the décor attractive by arranging vases of flowers and greens so that you'll keep the garden feel. The atmosphere should feel as if you are in a secluded garden.

The Enchanted Forest Whimsical Art Invitations

As the wedding gets closer, every bride feels as if she is in a fairy tale. How about a fairy tale idea for your bridal shower invitations? You can design a forest theme for the graphics where birds are fluttering around and a steam runs along on one side.

There ought to be trees paired with flower beds beneath. That's what you can call your enchanted forest on the cover of your bridal shower invitations.

 Invite your friends over to your fun and whimsical party. You can hold your shower outdoors such as at a local park or picnic venue.

But wherever you choose to spend your party, be sure to inform your friends beforehand so they can dress appropriately.

Tiara Whimsical Art Bridal Shower Invitations

Get whimsical a la fairy tale art in your shower by adding glitters to your invitations. Make your invites deep pink in color and emboss them with glittery silver dust shaped like a tiara. During the party, you as the bride should wear a tiara.

Do you live in the city or near the park? If carriage rides or tours are offered in the area, book your guests for an afternoon or evening ride. Let your ride take you to a local restaurant where you and your guests can eat, drink and have loads of fun.

Bridal Shower Party Ideas

These are some ideas for your whimsical art bridal shower invitations. What about other bridal shower party ideas to go along with your shower invites?

Perfume Bar

After planning for your invitations, you can plan for what fun activities you can do on your shower. For instance, you can set up a perfume bar. On your party, create a perfume bar of oils and dainty perfume bottles. Let your guests have fun crafting their own signature perfumes. Shop for DIY perfume bars online or in your nearest department store.

Frozen Yogurt Buffet

A frozen yogurt buffet is a chill idea for your bridal shower. Skip the cupcakes this time. You can rent a yogurt machine and arrange a buffet of sweets and fixings from chopped fruits to cereals and candies. Have your guests mix their shower dessert that's delish and enjoyable to eat.

Canvass Tote Bags

Shop around for canvass totes to give out to your friends on your shower. It's a gift that they can actually use! Stuff them with your party-theme thingies such as beach towels, packs of flower seeds and bottles of wine. You can even have the totes monogrammed and personalized in a local store.

These shower ideas can truly perk up your party so that you and your guests can really have a good time. Your bridal shower should be memorable and eventful. However you design your theme to be, remember that your bridal shower invitations will set the mood for the upcoming party to begin with. In any way you want, whether you incorporate a modern touch to the whimsical theme of your shower, plan well and ask your friends around for help. It would be fun putting your ideas together so that your shower will truly be a grand and fabulous time.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/9551671
Wedding season is just around the corner! Spring buzzes with hot new nuptial trends: fresh wedding colors, new ways to walk down the aisle, and truly unique wedding favors. Whether you're in the midst of planning your own wedding or you'll be attending a wedding as a guest, expect to see these five wedding trends.

image credit: weddingomania.com
1. Black is back and bigger than ever. The hottest new color for spring isn't a color at all. Black wedding dresses were a trend way back in 2007. For the 2009 wedding season, black will partner with white for a super-chic European look (think Paris). Don't paint the town black (too depressing) - use it as an accent color in bouquets and table linens.

image: .tulleandchantilly.com
2. Country chic weddings. Been to a wedding lately? Don't wear heels; wear cowboy boots! Budget-conscious brides have been getting down on the farm. Why? Renting out a farm costs a lot less than renting out a ballroom and the scenery can be just as romantic. Picture the bride and groom going off on a hay ride and guests drinking warm apple cider. There's no limit to creativity with a country chic wedding: Have a Hawaiian-style barbecue, vineyard soiree, or winter wonderland wedding, sleigh ride and all. An untouched landscape means you can have whatever wedding you imagine.

image kredit: weddingwire.com
3. Damask prints. This wedding season, you'll see more damask. It's an eye-catching, vintage-style print with intricate vines and flowers. You've probably seen it before on your Grandma's old couch. If you want to give your wedding that Old World ambiance, use damask accents. Black damask (remember, black is hot right now) over white makes a lovely and contrastive print for your table linens.

image: modwedding.com
4. Something blue. Aqua blue paired with white or chocolate and navy paired with yellow, pink, or white are the season's hottest color combos. From wedding invitations down to blue-box wedding favors, every bride seems to be a true-blue bride this season.

image: pepperdesignblog.com

image: decorideaz.com
5. Cherry blossoms in full bloom. Cherry blossoms are popping up everywhere in the spring 2009 wedding season. You'll see more Asian-inspired wedding favors, such as candles and silk fans and of course, cherry blossoms in the bride's bouquet and centerpieces. Cherry blossoms liven up the color scheme with a hint of pastel pink and add a special touch to your special day.
Spring is not only the season of new beginning but a season of blooming flowers too. So if you are already planning for your spring wedding decoration, start by figuring out your flower arrangements.

Here are some of flowers great for you spring wedding decoration:

image: colincowieweddings.com
o Rose is one of the most famous flowers for the wedding. This has various types and colors and each of these colors has a special meaning. Red rose means love, white rose means innocence or purity, orange rose is enthusiasm and desire, and yellow rose is friendship.

o Calla Lily comes from the word "kallos," meaning "beauty." This flower can provide elegance for your spring wedding decoration because of its arrow-shaped feature.

o Carnation vibrates with natural pink color but today, you can have this with more variety of colors like red, yellow, green, and white.

o Casa Blanca Lily is perhaps the flower with the most romantic name. Its lovely appearance provides classic romance for weddings.

o Daffodil has a central trumpet crown. You can also find this in different colors but gold yellow is its natural variety.

o Cosmo looks like having a cosmic universe because of its very interesting pattern, color, and shapes. You can have yellow cosmos, red, pink, or dark rose cosmos.

o Dahlia is stunningly beautiful with its bright color and pointed petals.

o Gardenia has five to 12 attractive petals with yellow or white colors.

o Daisy can brighten your spring wedding decoration because of its many color varieties.

o Magnolia carries lovely pollens at their center and surrounded by petals similar to rose.

o Hydrangea can give you a natural flower bouquet with its petal clustered around one another. You can have hydrangea in pink, red, purple, and blue.

o Tulips are common in places with cold weather. They have shapes similar to bells and come in many color varieties like yellow, white, and red.

o Sun flower is a large flower variety with edible seeds. Its pointy petals are similar to the sun rays.

o Stephanotis is star-shaped, scented, and waxy. This flower is great for your spring wedding decoration because of its unique look.

Now that you have these flowers for your spring wedding decoration, it's now time to plan for your wedding flowers.

image: deerpearlflowers.com
1. Find your own taste for flowers. Imagine the perfect look of spring wedding decoration for you. Maybe you want casual, elaborate, and bold. Or maybe, you want it better to be formal and simple.

2. Choose your desired wedding color scheme. Make sure that the color scheme follows your unique wedding style. You can have wedding flowers in classic traditional whites to more adventurous and bold hues. You can also create color combinations like matching shades or contrasting colors. Also, considering your motif will make the choosing of flower easier.

3. It's spring and this season has a unique color. You can easily choose the right color scheme through considering the color of the spring.

image: bridalguide.com
4. Set your budget for the flowers. You may want expensive flowers but what if you only have a small budget for that? Remember, there are a lot of flowers available for your spring wedding decoration and you can still have a lovely wedding with these lesser expensive flowers. Anyway, what's important is not the price but the flower's beauty and if it matches your spring wedding decoration.

5. Consider to hire a florist. You may be creative or artistic but having a professional by your side is a great advantage too. They know the best flower arrangement for your spring wedding decoration and can help you cut costs.

image: inspiredbythis.com
Flowers are very important in any wedding event because they give more meaning and memory for your special day. So aside from your wedding cake or wedding dress, never forget that your wedding flower also needs special attention.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/3583671

I love the sort of down home rustic look for weddings that many brides are choosing these days. Maybe this is something you would like to do and here are some inexpensive ideas to help you along as you plan your centerpieces.

When planning to do DIY rustic centerpieces gather items such as wood, pine cones, grain stalks, bare-birch branches, wonderful leaves, dried grasses, small gourds and fruit (apples, pears, cranberries, citrus).

These things can be incorporated in so many different ways and all so gorgeous for your tables.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices running.

image: deerpearlflowers.com
1. Mason jars make a great container when filled with wildflowers, sunflowers, daisies or daffodils. and around the top of the jar tie twine or burlap with a little bow.

image: bridebox.com
2. Mason jars also make great candle holders. Place sand or decorative small rocks in the jar as a way of anchoring the candle. Mason jars are made to withstand heat so that the candle burning should be just fine.

To give the candles a finished look, cut a two or three inch strip of burlap and wrap it around the jar and tie a bow in your theme color around the jar.

An almost elegant look is to cover the jar with paper doilies on the outside using a can of Spray Mount. Tie some strands of raffia around the jar. When lit it gives a magical glow through the doilies.

image: sweetpickinsvintage.com
3. Take stalks of dried wheat and/or lavender and just tie a ribbon in theme colors tightly around them and set them up in the center of the table and scatter pinecones, berries or whatever you think looks good around the stalks.

image: alicecorrine.com
4. Create a wreath of burlap to place around a large candle holder or hurricane vase. You can find the Styrofoam wreaths at craft stores, or perhaps hobby or art supply shops

image: modwedding.com
5. Bare-birch branches arranged in terracotta pots and secured with Quik-crete is a dramatic idea and hang LED votives from the bare branches.

6. Here's an idea I really like if you can get attractive large pine cones, is to get pots or round tins or small pails. Put Spanish moss in them and secure the pine cone in the center in an upright position. Scatter any choice of country rustic things around the container.

image: thenaturalweddingcompany.co.uk
7. An arrangement of beautiful and colorful fruits and vegetables that are non perishable in a rustic basket or cornucopia is another wonderful table centerpiece.

image: cocoredevents.com

8. Buy 4" pots of flowers or herbs and depending on the size of your tables arrange a group of them in the center of the table on a bed of Spanish moss like florists use. Decorate the pots by tying raffia around tem or covering them with burlap.

These are some of the ideas I like for a chic rustic wedding centerpiece. The best part about them is they are fun to do and inexpensive and look simply stunning on your guest tables.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6758125

Wedding tradition has shown that the wedding centerpieces that adorn reception tables often have much to do with setting the tone for the post-ceremony celebration. This being true, the choice of wedding centerpieces is clearly one of the biggest decisions that must be made in the wedding planning process. For budget-minded brides, however, this decision can also put an enormous dent in the wedding budget and striking a balance between beauty and affordability in this area can become a challenge. Thankfully, there is a way to plan for centerpieces on a budget without scrimping on elegance and style - and it all starts with the do-it-yourself (or DIY) wedding centerpiece.

image: crafthubs.com

For the bride, the decision to actually make the table displays should always include the enlistment of help from bridesmaids and family. With a little due diligence and aforethought by all, the end result will be DIY wedding centerpieces that are every bit as lovely as professional arrangements - except at a fraction of the cost.

Here are a few do-it-yourself centerpiece tips and ideas to help you get started:

1. Recruit help from the bridesmaids. As part of the wedding party, they, too, will have a vested interest in producing the centerpieces in plenty of time for the big day. Keep the team involved in both the choosing of the arrangement and the finding and organizing of supplies to ensure that no interest along the way!

image: tabledecoratingideas.com
2. For DIY wedding centerpiece ideas, browse wedding websites, visit your local florist, and cut pictures of favorite arrangements out of bridal magazines. Brainstorm levels of difficulty for each arrangement idea with the team. Keep in mind the size of the guest list and the fact that one centerpiece is needed for every table and possibly two at the head table.

3. Shave $100's of the wedding budget by putting a "simple" spin on the traditional floral centerpiece. Oftentimes a delicate table display of two or three lovely white tulips in a slender crystal vase can prove to be the most elegant of DIY wedding centerpieces. Don't be afraid to think "less is more".

4. Instead of fresh flower arrangements, consider using beautiful potted plants. Visit local nurseries to find seasonal plants that bloom flowers in the colors of your wedding. Plant your flowers in pretty terracotta pots purchased in bulk from a local pottery store. Devise a fun way for one guest at each reception table to "win" that table's centerpiece at the end of the night.

image: kibuck.com
5. Consider candle arrangements as an alternative to floral centerpieces. Candles create an air of romance and enchantment and look amazing in low indoor lighting or on outdoor reception table in the evening. Buy candelabras at the local discount store and use one per table with simple white candles. For a less formal centerpiece, float several candles in a round water-filled crystal bowl. For effect, sprinkle rose petals in the water and also on the table around the bottom of the bowl. Something as simple as a pillar candle surrounded by scented tea-lights at the center of the table will work perfectly for just pennies on the dollar.

6. For theme weddings, a DIY centerpiece should reflect the day's motif. For example, oriental or Asian-themed weddings might have a bonsai tree or a large origami creation at the center of each reception table. For beach-themed weddings, consider a DIY centerpiece resembling a sand castle or a beach scene. Use your imagination!

7. Consider edible DIY wedding centerpieces. Guests love a centerpiece they can snack on! Create fresh fruit arrangements or a miniature wedding candy bar display. Add chocolate lollipops or Hershey's Kisses decorated in glitter, streamers or balloons.

image: pinterest.com/pin/521713938055657410
8. Create personal centerpieces that focus on the bride and groom. Hand-written items such as love poems or stories of the pre-wedding romance accompanied by photographs of the happy couple in special picture frames will delight family and friends as they sit and chat at the table.

9. Don't underestimate the value of the local dollar store when shopping for supplies to make your centerpieces. Dollar stores typically have an entire section dedicated to wedding crafts as well as bulk volume of any supply that you need.

Whatever you choose to do, make the important wedding tasks a team effort and have fun! When all is said and done, the DIY wedding centerpiece will be a reflection of the love of all who were involved and that, in the end, will be all that matters.

Planning a DIY wedding on a budget? Visit DoItYourselfWedding to find "The DIY Wedding Planning Guide for Budget-Minded Brides" - an ebook jam-packed with DIY tips and ideas for planning a magical wedding on the smallest of budgets.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/6845083

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